Chargeware smartphone threats on the rise in the UK, say Lookout

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Mobile security company Lookout have conducted an in-depth investigation into the most prevalent threats to mobile users across the globe.

Based on data collated from the start of this year through to May 16th, the company found that 2.16% of their UK app users have encountered a threat on their smartphones. If that number translates across the total of all UK smartphone users, that could amount to as many as 518,400 UK smartphone users affected this year, giveneMarketer stats that state their are now 24 million smartphone users in the UK.

While adware is the most prevalent threat in the UK (collecting sensitive data about individuals), Chargeware attacks (applications that charge users without necessarily making it clear to them) are more prevalent in the UK than anywhere else.

“The implications of these threats to consumers run the gamut, from annoying to extremely invasive,” says Lookout in a blog post.

“While an individual’s chance of encountering a mobile threat is still relatively low, it’s important to identify the types of emerging threats and how they vary in likelihood around the world, providing a better sense of how the bad actors are experimenting.”

Check out the infographic with the full details from Lookout below. Click to expand it full size:

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