Weetabix trialling "Pay-by-Picture" scheme with Boots: Snap an advert, get free biscuits

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weetabix-payment-top.jpgYou don’t have to be a professional photographer to have your snaps put food on your table: Weetabix are teaming up with Boots to trail a new payment scheme that will see the high-street retailer exchange snacks for photos.

The new “Pay-by-Pciture” trial offers UK shoppers a packet of Weetabix On The Go biscuits from Boots in exchange for a smartphone or tablet picture of a Weetabix #TAKETHEBISCUIT advert.

“There is huge value in people taking pictures of our new products and sharing the images amongst their friendship groups so we’re excited to be the first company to try this in partnership with Boots,” said Weetabix’s Ben Cooper.

“It is undoubtedly a brave move to replace financial currency with social currency, but we’re hoping that the 55 per cent of people that currently use their smartphone whilst watching TV will take part in the unique retail initiative, try our new breakfast biscuit and become long-term customers.”

The promotional clip is to be aired tonight (22 April 2013) at 7.15pm on ITV during the advert break for Emmerdale. Bringing the photo to one of the 700 Boots stores nationwide tomorrow will allow you to claim one of the snacks.

Weetabix’s promotion echoes similar experiments by Kellogs for the Special K cereal brand, that saw a pop-up shop offering free cereal snacks in exchange for Tweets.

Gerald Lynch
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