Gadget Show Live 2013: Finlux Direct unveils 47inch Smart TV with 3D for £799

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Finlux Direct.jpgBack in the 1990s Finlux was a reasonably big brand owned by Nokia. They made pretty interesting TVs, several boasting built in satellite receivers and the quality was generally very good. Now the brand is owned by Turkish company Vestel Group which, although isn’t exactly a household name in the UK, is nevertheless a huge company in mainland Europe and one which has worked with all the big brands (Panasonic, JVC etc.).

Interestingly, Finlux have taken the decision to sell direct online, cutting out the retailer completely – hence the new name of Finlux Direct. And while this decision might not make them many friends in the retail industry, it could make them very popular with consumers because it enables them to keep prices down by cutting out the middle man.

At the Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC , Finlux Direct is showing a raft of new products including several LED TVs with Smart features and 3D. In this YouTube video below, we are shown the 47inch model for £799. It looked pretty good, though picture quality wasn’t the best at the show, probably because they didn’t have the best quality source connected. Currently it comes with the BBC iPlayer but there are plans to add further catch up from ITV, Channel 4 etc. The TV is also available in 42inch and 55inch versions for £599 and £1299 respectively.

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