Finlux go big and smart with 55-inch 55S9100-T 3D TV

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finlux-s9100-top.jpgFinlux have launched their biggest Smart TV to date, the 55-inch web connected 55S9100-T.

Also coming in 42 and 47-inch sizes, the 55S9100-T comes complete with a Wi-Fi dongle for hooking up to catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer, as well as web portals for YouTube and Facebook.

Freeview HD is built in, with the design of the set not unlike Samsung’s more recent premium screens, featuring a four-pronged chrome foot base and a 1cm wide bezel. Four HDMI ports are on offer too.

The LED set also features passive 3D tech, and ships with 8 pairs of glasses. 100Hz motion processing should keep onscreen action moving smoothly.

Other features include built-in PVR functionality and the ability to control the TV from an iOS device.

“Our flagship product comes with all the bells and whistles,” said Andreas Adamides, Head of Finlux UK.

“Half the price of rival products but offering the same quality build and functionality, it provides a range of additional features and items at no extra cost. It’s highly competitive price means that many more people in the UK can take their TV and gaming experience to a whole new level.”

No exact release date has been given yet, but the 55-inch model has been priced at £1,299. We’ll have a full review in the coming weeks, so check back soon.

Gerald Lynch
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