Gadget Show Live 2013: OrigAudio's new Epishock mini speakers

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Thumbnail image for Epishock1.jpgAccessories companies selling headphones and mini speakers seem to be everywhere at this year’s Gadget Show, but the one that impressed me the most was probably American firm OrigAudio.

It was demonstrating a new range of personalised headphones, costing between £40 and £50. Either you can opt for one of their designs (the Union Jack design is particularly popular) or alternatively you can get a personalised cover for your headphones – apparently a photo of your dog or cat printed on your cans is one of the most popular (and sad) options.

OrigAudio also demonstrated a new pair of £35-£40 mini speakers called the Epishock which you can see demonstrated below. These are designed to stick on a window etc. to improve sound and though I’m never quite sure who uses them one thing’s for sure the American guy demonstrating them was a billion times more enthusiastic about the product he was selling than any Brit I came across at the show. You can see him in action below:

And here is the video for OrigAudio’s customisable headphones:

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