EE raising Orange and T-Mobile contract prices

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pound_sign_2__large.pngEE have confirmed that Orange and T-Mobile contract prices will be rising from April.

Naming rising business costs as the reason for the increased prices, Orange and T-Mobile customers will see their monthly bills rise from between 50p to £2, with the changes coming into play between 10 April and 9 May.

“Due to inflation, which directly affects the costs of running our business, we’ve had to re-evaluate our prices and introduce an increase,” said the EE parent company in an official statement.

The price rise will not affect all EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers however. Those on EE’s 4G contracts will not be affected, nor those on premium Orange and T-Mobile customers, nor SIM-only deals or business contracts. It seems a little rough however that EE are targeting those on cheaper contracts i.e those who probably can’t afford to spend any more anyway.

Even those looking to leave contracts early due to the price rise will likely have to incur a substantial termination fee.

Speaking to The Guardian, an EE spokesperson said, “The terms and conditions state that prices can be increased mid-contract, by the same [rate] as the Retail Prices Index.

“Customers are encouraged to read the terms and conditions and have a 14-day period in which to change their minds. If customers are unhappy they can break their contract if they pay a fee for leaving us early.

“We know prices rises are never great news, but we always aim to offer great value to our customers as well as the best service on the UK’s biggest network.”

Orange customers last endured a price rise in January 2012, with contracts jumping up by 4.34%. T-Mobile contract prices increased by 3.7% in May 2012.

Gerald Lynch
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