What do I need to know about wireless broadband from Virgin Media?

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The best and most modern
broadband is that which is wireless. In an age where not just your computer,
but your phone, tablet and laptop are all connected to the internet, getting
the right wireless broadband is essential.

Yet you still need a decent
connection. If you have a poor connection coming in, it doesn’t matter how good
your wireless service is. There is where you should look for the likes of
Virgin fibre optic broadband, to give you the best of all these

The perfect deal

The main appeal of Virgin
broadband, besides the high speed internet access itself, is that it allows you
to mix and match deals to suit your needs. If you’re after fast, wireless
options, for instance, these are all easily customisable. Likewise if you’re
after TV and other Virgin Media options; it can all be added together to make
one package designed around you. To compare
find out more or see what else is on offer, look at
their website.

Going wireless

The benefit of Virgin
broadband is that it gives you access to all Virgin’s addition quality
services. Broadband options start from just £17.50 a month, which gives you
access to the Virgin super hub. This little router is what gives you the best
service; it takes the high speed broadband you expect and converts into a
strong wireless signal that benefits the whole house.

The wireless signal allows
more devices to access the router and, thus, the internet. If you have various
devices to connect, and are paying for larger bandwidth to accommodate this,
then this is something you’ll want. Being able to save on messy cables is an
added bonus, too.


broadband is available in three speeds; those of up to 30mb, those of up to
60mb and those reaching 100mb. Of course, it helps to know which is right for
you. Whilst 30mb will suffice for a couple of people, families or more
internet-dependant households may need 60mb to cope with the extra data traffic.
If you want the very best, then you want to opt for the 100mb packages

All this
can still be customised with the other options available, meaning you can
easily take the fast connection you want and combine it with wireless broadband from Virgin.
With further offers available, such as getting your first 6 months free, you
can make the package even more tempting.

The end
result, of course is getting the right internet for your home. With the option
to choose from different speeds and wireless internet, as well as additional
extras, it’s a tailor-made service that gives you exactly what you’re looking
for, rather than charging you for extras you’re not going to use.

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