Here's how SimCity creator Will Wright plays the new SimCity

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He’s the daddy of all “Sim” games, from the original SimCity right through to the gene-pool tweaking Spore, but Will Wright has had only an advisory role when it comes to the new SimCity game, due out on March 8.

So what does he think of it, and more importantly, how did he play it? Wright spills the beans in the video above.

All in, he seems pretty impressed, particularly with the new game’s curvy road tool, the zoomed-in view of each city and the way the game’s focussed city specializations mirror the real world.

We were equally impressed with SimCity during our play through the beta testing period. Though we remain skeptical of the game’s multiplayer modes, we called said that “the marriage of nostalgia and exciting new concepts seems to be working out well”.

Click here to check out our full preview. We’ll be conducting a full review of the game soon, so keep checking back for our definitive verdict.

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