BT Infinity now truly unlimited – no broadband fair-use restrictions or traffic management going forward

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bt-infinity-top.jpgCrack open the bubbly – the BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband service is set to go truly unlimited, with the telecoms giant announcing that it will be cutting frustrating fair use policies and traffic management restrictions.

BT, like most other internet providers, had used traffic management and fair use policies to contain users hogging the network’s bandwidth by downloading huge files or tapping into peer-to-peer networks. These restrictions have now been lifted, letting BT’s fibre-optic broadband customers use the network’s superfast speeds to their full potential.

The move comes in response to requests from BT’s customers, who felt their catch-up TV and video streaming was being hamstrung by the caps and limits.

Sweetening the deal even further is the announcement that BT will be lowering the price of its Infinity packages. The BT Infinity 1 broadband package now costs £23 a month while BT Infinity 2 costs £26 a month.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s consumer division, said the company felt “confident” its network would be able to stand up to the hammering heavy users will now put the service through, not to mention the influx of new users the announcement is likely to bring.

BT have also laid down the gauntlet for their competitors, who will now likely feel increased pressure from their own customers to drop fair use policies and traffic management.

Gerald Lynch
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