Vodafone Sure Signal 2 patches up the network's 3G blackspots

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new_vodafone_sure_signal-.jpgIf you’re a Vodafone customer suffering from blackspot woes, you may want to consider investing in their new Sure Signal 2 gadget.

Now onto its second generation (and a fair sight smaller as a wall adapter than a router sized device last time around) it boosts the network’s performance in low signal areas. Eight devices at a time can be given a full set of signal bars with the device by re-routing them over a broadband connection.

Using femtocells, the device allows you to build a personal mobile network bubble, allowing as many as 32 registered devices to connect to the Sure Signal 2 as if it was a standard base station, routing calls and data over the internet to the carrier.

A minimum 1MB broadband connection is needed to use the device, which pretty standard in this day and age, though you’ll need to scale that in line with the amount of devices you’re planning on using simultaneously with the Vodafone gadget.

The Sure Signal 2 is available now, priced £100. It’s a bit rich having to pay an extra £100 to fill in the gaps in the network’s coverage, but if you’re committed and comfortable with your Vodafone contract, and can’t face the wintry cold in order to get a signal, this is a solid solution to blackspot woes.

Gerald Lynch
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