Tablets killed the eReader star: Sales of dedicated reading devices on the decline

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ipad-kindle-650x414.jpgeReader sales are beginning to decline following the rise of inexpensive, high quality tablet devices.

Research by iSuppli suggests that the eReader market peaked back in 2011, when 20 million devices were shipped, with their findings leading to the prediction that sales of eReader devices will drop to just 7 million by 2015/2016. By comparison, the tablet market will swell to an anticipated 340 million sales in 2016.

While the iPad retains its dominance as the single most popular tablet device, the rise of cheaper Android tablets, inclduing the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD, have expanded the reach of the tablet market to those who cannot afford Apple’s premium prices.

It’s a shame really. There’s no competition when it comes to reading a book on an E-Ink screen like a Kindle when compared to a tablet like an iPad; the E-Ink screen, thanks to its lack of glare and backlight is far easier on the eye for prolonged sessions. But when it comes to value, there’s just so much more you can do with a tablet for not a massive amount of money more than you’d spend on an eReader. In a perfect world we’d all have one of each, but its understandable why people are putting up the cash for tablets instead.

Via: iSuppli

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