World's first sound-activated ad to air before Dark Knight Rises screenings

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worlds-first-sound-activated-ad.jpgWe may well be used to “shushing” noisy cinema goers when watching the latest silver-screen blockbusters, but viewers of The Dark Knight Rises will be encouraged to be as noisy as possible as the world’s first sound activated ad airs before select screenings.

The advert from Lynx (promoting Sport Blast 2 in 1 Shower Gel & Shampoo) will be shown at five cinemas across the UK, and will play out five differing scenarios based on which receives the biggest cheer from the audience.

The clip shows a man trying to impress his “brainy” girlfriend, while cinema goers are urged to cheer either a “high-maintenance girl”, a “flirty girl”, a “party girl” or a “sporty girl” to see them hit the screen instead for the full advert.

Participating Odeon cinemas (Manchester, Liverpool, Scotland, Wimbledon and Kingston) have all been kitted out with an audio trigger that measures volume levels before sending the data back to a server which triggers the corresponding video.

Lynx are also rolling out the technology to libraries up and down the country too. Just kidding!

Gerald Lynch
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