20Gbps Thunderbolt ports wont land until 2014

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Apple-Thunderbolt-MacBook-Pro.pngThunderbolt ports won’t be getting any faster than the 10Gbps standard that they’ve already set until 2014, with the next revision of the data transfer protocol not set to receive a speed bump.

Co-developed by Intel and Apple and intended as a USB replacement for speedy file transfers (as well as adding support for external displays), the next generation of Thunderbolt will land in Q2 2013, employing “Redwood Ridge” chips.

DisplayPort v1.1a and DisplayPort v1.2 Redriver standards will also be added to Thunderbolt, but those hoping for the rumoured speed boost will have to wait. 2014 will see chips codenamed “Falcon Ridge” land, which will use two channels to reach 20Gbps speeds and increase stability for daisy chaining multiple devices.

Via: DigiTimes

Gerald Lynch
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