APP OF THE DAY: Dip Desperado (iPhone / iPod / iPad)

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Today’s App of the Day is a tasty little treat from the Doritos team that sees you not only chasing high scores, but real world prizes too.

Dip Desperado tasks iOS gamers with flicking a Doritos chip across a hazardous Mexican landscape, racking up top scores by seeing your food-based-flyer reach the end of the desert course, avoiding giant sand worms and killer hornets along the way.

A nifty little game that recalls the Helicopter flash games you find all over the web, Dip Desperado’s main draw lies in the 70,000 prizes up for grabs to players. Star prizes go to the three people each week who top the leaderboards, but even less skilled chip-flickers can nab a goodie by entering a code into the app found on the back of promotional Doritos chip packets and dip tubs.

Pick up the app for free on iPhones and iPods by clicking here, and click here if you’d rather grab it for the iPad.

Scroll down for some shots of the app in action.

Gerald Lynch
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