New WP7 OS, new Pure font for Nokia smartphones

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Out with the old and in with the new over at Nokia HQ. It’s not just Symbian going through the wringer as the Finnish mobile giants gear up for the launch of their first Windows Phone 7 device, but also typefaces too.

Apparently heralding an era of “beauty in supreme usability”, for Nokia phones, the font has been designed by Bruno Maag and is called Nokia Pure.

“For a brand like Nokia, looking to reinvent and revitalise, the typeface literally sets the tone,” Nokia state in a blog post.

“In many ways, it’s the touchstone for every other visual element in the branding palette.
So it needs to be considered, rigorous and send out exactly the right message.

“Logically enough, the starting point for our brand new typeface, Nokia Pure, was also on-screen legibility at small sizes – although now we’re talking about the pin-sharp colour screens of contemporary smartphones. At the same time, we also needed a recognisable corporate typeface, versatile enough to work well in all manner of different environments – from other screen-based formats, to a whole host of printed materials.”

It’s not a groundbreaking development by any means, but an important one nonetheless. Just think of how many websites you can’t stand to read becuase of the font; if you’ve got to live with a phone for many a month, you’d sure want it to have a readable typeface.

Via: Engadget

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