Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Launch Games

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So you’ve just hit the shops and picked up your 3D capable Nintendo 3DS handheld console. Or maybe you’ve pre-ordered the unit and woke to find it waiting on your doorstep. Either way, you’re now ready to start gaming on the most advanced handheld we’ve ever seen.

But what to play? Tech Digest give a quick overview on what we consider to be the top 5 launch games for Ninty’s new console.

Pilotwings Resort


Taking to the skies has always been an exhilirating part of the Pilotwings experience, and that’s markedly more impressive on the 3DS thanks to its 3D visuals. The new control stick on the 3DS makes for pitch perfect controlling in Piltowings Resort, as you take on ever more brutal challenges, literally flying through hoops to progress. Plus, it’s got jetpacks, which instantly makes any game way better.

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Rayman 3D


Apart from Mario 64, Rayman 3D was one of the best (and earliest) 3D platformers available on consoles. For the first time ever it truly lives up to its 3D branding thanks to the 3DS’s autosteroscopic screen. It may be a good decade old now, but it remains one of the most colourful and fun classic platformers ever.

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Splinter Cell 3D


Splinter Cell 3D on the 3DS is not without its problems. It’s a tad fiddily to control, doesn’t look much better than a DS game and doesn’t make good enough use of the console’s improved power to render the much-needed light and shadows that are core to the game’s stealthy experience. It is however a port of the excellent Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory title, meaning all those smart sneaky sequences are now available to take on the go with you. The only truly mature title to launch alongside the 3DS, the added depth effects certainly make it more exciting when silently sneaking up on a foe.

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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition


Street Fighter IV is the best beat-em-up to hit consoles since the glory days of 16bit 2D brawlers. Making its 3D debut, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition more than lives up to the gauntlet thrown down by its home console counterparts. Sweet depth effects and cool wireless StreetPass social multiplayer elements make it worth a look even if you already own another version of the game.

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Ridge Racer 3D


While Ashphalt 3D is an equally good game if you’re craving a driving fix from the 3DS, we’ve got a soft spot for the Ridge Racer games. With impossible car physics that allow you to drift around bends like a Dancing On Ice contestant, it’s far more fun than po-faced racers like Gran Turismo. Developers Namco have a good eye for spectacle too, offering up some of the maddest tracks we’ve seen in a driving game for some time, made all the more mental by the console’s 3D effects.

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