Kern – the iPhone game for font geeks


Kerning, if you’re unaware, is the process of adjusting the distance between letters in typography, and now someone’s made a game of the process, and published it for the iPhone. It’s called “Kern”.

It works a little like Tetris – you position a letter at the bottom, and a word falls into place around it. The objective is to get it as close as possible to a perfect kern. It’s not easy, unless you have a perfect eye and a very steady finger.

As you can imagine, the design is absolutely impeccable. It’s enormously geeky, too, but that’s not really going to put off hardcore typographers now, is it? Here’s a video of it in action:

Kern (via Technabob)

"Fontastic" time telling with the Font Clock


Each to their own — though I love fonts I’m not sure I want different ones adorning my time-telling device.

The Font Clock is “a 21st century take on the British 24 hour clock design icon” which has twelve different fonts printed within the mechanism of the clock, providing a “random” mixed display.

It comes in three sizes. The smallest one, the G100, measures 29 x 14 x 11 cms and displays just the time.