Microsoft add coupons and deals to US Bing search results

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bing-thumb.jpgA new coupons, deals and vouchers service will be integrated into US Bing serach results, Microsoft have confirmed via the Bing blog. The money-saving tips will cover “more than 200,000 unique offers in over 14,000 cities and towns across the US”.

The new Bing deals will not be sold directly by Microsoft. Instead, they are the result of a new partnership with The Dealmap, a US deal aggregating service whose sources include Groupon and Living social.

Stefan Weitz, Bing’s director, told the Paidcontent blog: “Instead of creating our own program and starting from scratch, we’re looking for opportunities where [it] makes sense, for us and the consumer, to partner with leading industry experts.”

Bing’s new features are the latest in a growing line of location-based deals services that include the likes of Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places.

Gerald Lynch
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  • This is going to make the world of coupons real interesting. Google wants in, Groupon turned down $6b, SocialLiving is catching up…consumers and business will benefit out of all this competition.

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  • I think Bing continues to grow day by day. Maybe when you work hard to google, but still think it is a significant market share. I personally am using Bing. Search results are good.

  • I knew that Microsoft would have the deals business sooner or later but i dont think they would be able to fight against groupon deals…. i think groupon deals would be way ahead of Microsoft’s because groupon is real!!!! and ms would be cloning groupon! so let rock cloners!!

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