Introducing Elfoid: The world's most terrifying mobile phone

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It’s Friday, the weekend’s nearly upon us, we’re all tired; the last thing we need is a good old shock. But that’s what the Tech Digest team got when a link to this peculiar mobile phone turned up in our inbox. It is, without a doubt, the most terrifying communications device we’ve ever seen.

Introducing Elfoid, a handheld “humanoid phone” developed by NTT Docomo and Qualcomm.

20cm long, the demon-child-like device is covered in a fleshy urethane skin, with call controls embedded into its stomach. Equipped with a camera, robotic elements pick up on a caller’s movements, allowing two users of Elfoid phones to have their movements and facial expressions replicated by the device. Its arms move. Its neck turns. Its hands wave. Its eyes will follow you around the room. Make it stop.

A larger version, known as the Telenoid R1 robot was launched last year, and like the more portable Elfoid, is intended to give long distance calls, particularly for elderly isolated relatives, a more human touch.

Elfoid has fallen so far down into the Uncanny Valley that it’s seared onto the backs of my eyeballs for all eternity. Only a five year wait until they hit shops, and begin stealing souls.

Check out more images below, if you dare. The crucifixion pose is a particularly nice touch.

Via: Pink Tentacle

Thanks to Tech Digest reader Lotte for the tip!

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