VIDEO: Terrifying Xbox 360 fanatic shows off his "Xbox Room"

You can sometimes forget that the etymology of ‘fan’ is ‘fanatic’, but the video above will bring that particular recollection screaming back. The best bit? The ‘Silence of the Lambs’ voiceover, and the creepy dim green light. How many hours of his life do you think he’s spent in there?

(via Kotaku)

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Creepy robotic head copies your facial expressions

This is a damn creepy robotic head, put together by researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. He’s called “Jules”, and can watch your facial expressions and copy them. In the video above, he’s copying the expressions of the scientist behind the camera, while you hear the scientists’ voice.

Dunno about you, but this one, for me, falls firmly into the uncanny valley. Especially if it was copying my facial movements exactly. It’s a bit like that friend everyone has who doesn’t quite ‘get’ social interaction and always behaves a little bit odd. Robotics is great, but we’re still some way off realistic human expressions, it seems.

(via the Daily Mail)

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