my3D iPhone add-on gives the Jesus Phone some depth

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my3D.jpgThink toymakers Hasbro only deal in Transformers and Mr Potato Heads? Think again – as of Spring next year, the classic kiddy company will be jumping into the realm of iPhone accessory making too, with their my3D add-on providing Apple’s iPhone with some 3D tricks.

Looking quite a bit like those ViewMaster toys we all had as kids, you slot your iPhone or iPod into the end of the goggle-like device, which will add a 3D effect to a select number of apps designed to work with it.

Dreamworks Animation, Sony, IMAX and Discovery already have apps and trailers ready to go for the device, with Apple working closely alongside Hasbro to keep the quality up to scratch.

At a mere $30 it’s worth a punt, and should see the 3D hardcore through until Jobs lets slip some 3D capability or other for the iPhone 5.

Via: Yahoo

Gerald Lynch
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