New Social Browser RockMelt Launches


The new internet browser RockMelt launched today, combining search with social networking.

If like me you always have a million tabs open to multi-task across email, Twitter, Facebook etc, you will know that it is a far from perfect process and requires a lot of bouncing around. RockMelt is seeking to change this. Built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser, and financially backed from Netscape founder Marc Andreesen, the browser wants to make it easier for you to share, search, connect, and stay on top of news.

Once you have downloaded the software, you sign in with facebook, pulling all your social connections into your browser. This allows you to share content with much greater ease. If you want to check out what your Facebook friends are doing, you can see when they’ve updated their activity on the left-hand panel. If you find an interesting article you can post that link on Facebook, send it along as a message or share on Twitter all without opening up new tabs or downloading browser add-ons.

RockMelt is set up in the cloud, meaning that you can log in and use the browser anywhere the software is installed and still have access to all your information and preferences.

RockMelt is Mac and PC compatible and available today as an early release.

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