Windows 7: First review of LG Optimus 7 phone, HTC HD7 and Mozart

Mobile phones

You may have heard that the Windows 7 mobile phone operating system launched yesterday. In fact it was difficult to miss especially with the polymath that is Stephen Fry pitching up to say a few words – unpaid apparently (mind you, he would go to the opening of a crisp packet, that one),

General consensus is that they have got it right this time – though this being Microsoft there is still plenty of time to balls it up. And they have done that a few times in the mobile phone space. We sent ShinyShiny’s Anna along to look at a few of the Windows 7 handsets, including this one which has a few neat features including an Augmented Reality App and voice to text recognition.

Nice, but a bit of a brick in my opinion, not that the iPhone 4 is the daintiest of handsets in the world either though.

And here’s a demo of the HTC HD7 and Mozart:

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