ILuv Bed Shaker alarm clock gets rid of the "I overslept" excuse once and for all

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iluv bed shaker.jpgPart of me really loves my under-powered alarm clock. It’s so quiet that it often helps lull me into another wave of R.E.M sleep rather than fire me up for a day’s work. But when you’ve got an early appointment that really cant be ignored, you need something with a bit more morning bite. Enter then the iLuv Bed Shaker alarm clock, which in some heavy sleeping quarters could be considered an instrument of torture!

The Bed Shaker, aka the iMM178 Dual Alarm Clock, features a small speaker attachment that sits just under your pillow, rattling your head when it’s wake up time.

Connecting up to your iPod or iPhone, the alarm clock also doubles up as a speaker dock, with the Bed Shaker attachment perfect for couples where only one partner fancies listening to tunes while they sleep.

Other key features of the Bed Shaker include:

Treble/ Bass control
7 selectable unique buzzer alarm sounds
7-5-2 (Everyday, weekdays, weekends) alarm
Time Sync function synchronizes time from your iPhone and iPod
Wake to iPhone or iPod, selectable alarm, FM radio, buzzer, and /or bed shaker
Sleep to iPhone or iPod, FM radio, and bed shaker speaker
Programmable presets for up to 8 FM radio stations

Gerald Lynch
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