Leaked software fuels BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell rumours

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Blackberry 9670.pngMore evidence to suggest a BlackBerry Clamshell phone is on the way has surfaced, after leaked developer software seemingly for the handset has made its way online.

The software, shown running over at BBLeaks, consists of an emulator and some demos to show how apps would work on the device. If it turns out to be the real deal, it confirms the little we already know about the BlackBerry 9670 Clamshell, right down to the front LCD display.

The softwre has since been removed from all sites hosting it, suggesting RIM have put the block on the leak spreading any further, itself suggestive that they have the handset waiting in the wings.

Problem is, does anyone really care? A few spyshots of the device have hardly shown the Clamshell to be much of a looker, and with the Torch just sitting over the horizon, the BlackBerry Clamshell is already looking like a bit of a relic long before it’s even been officially revealed.

Gerald Lynch
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