Super Street Fighter IV LED HD TV launched

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Super Street Fighter IV is a great game, totally deserving of its legion of loyal fans for being the best brawler of this console generation. If you are one of the hardcore few who really, really, really can’t get enough of Super Street Fighter IV unless you have the action figures, t-shirts and sexual supplement tie-ins, then here’s another product to add to your beat-em up inspired wish-list; a Super Street Fighter IV-branded LED HD TV set.

Available in 32, 40, 42 and 46 inch models, these Street fighter TVs from Roundtable Concepts come with your favourite characters and the Street Fighter logo popped onto the lower bezel of the screen.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Roundtable Concepts, Inc. on this new initiative,” said Seon King, Senior Director of licensing at Capcom.  “There is such a natural partnership between video games and consumer electronics – especially televisions and monitors – that a partnership like this was a perfect fit. We hope that our Street Fighter fans will enjoy their favourite fighting game on one of these HDTV’s for the ultimate Street Fighter experience.”

If you’re mad enough to be considering buying one of these things, note this inexplicable addition to the design of the sets. Every time you fire up the TV, the Street Fighter logo will appear for 8 seconds. EIGHT WHOLE SECONDS, when you could be getting your game on with another set.

Based on a 5 year life span for the TV, with the set turned on a minimum of twice a day, that’s roughly eight hours of your life lost to the Street Fighter logo. If that isn’t a spinning bird-kick to the balls, then I don’t know what is.

Gerald Lynch
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