World's first 3D Porn film released: Kama-Sutra takes wobbly bits into the third dimension

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It was only a matter of time; the world’s first stereoscopic 3D porn film has been made, looking set to get your 3D specs all steamed up.

Produced by Mark Dorcel (apparently the “Hugh Hefner” of European porn), the movie is called Kama-Sutra and stars Brigitte Lahaie.

While the majority of the broadcasting industry is still scrambling to get 3D content in place, Dorcell and co have proved fairly early adopters by getting a 3D adult-flick out this quickly. And they’ve done it with style too, using the same fully-fledged 3D techniques as used in James Cameron’s Avatar rather than the lazy 2D-to-3D post processing techniques currently being bandied about in Hollywood.

No idea what the plot is, and despite my temptation to go and investigate this particular story a little more, it’s all probably a little too NSFW for me to do so. Still, you can better your…ahem…bottom dollar that the acting doesn’t have the same depth as the visuals…

Via: Gizmodo

Gerald Lynch
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