Apple's iPad outselling Macs?

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The Apple iPad is proving to be quite the hit, with somewhere in the region of 1 million tablets now sold since launch. With the iPad now ready to hit UK shores, surprising new figures suggest that it may even be outselling its stable-mate, the Mac series.

AllThingsD are quoting analysts at RBC Capital, who are estimating that around 200,000 iPads are being sold each week. It’s a figure that would see the iPad rush past sales of Mac products, said to be in the region of 110,000 units sold per week, and even put the iPad in the running to outsell the iPhone, currently notching up around 250,000 sales a week.

To say the iPad is turning out to be surprisingly popular would be churlish, given the massive amounts of hype and brand loyalty Apple are able to muster, not to mention the fact that it’s a very sexy bit of kit indeed. What’s more intriguing however is that where many analysts failed to see where the iPad would fit into the day-to-day life of a general consumer, the general public seem very confident in the product, as seen in the large sales numbers.

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