Orange and T-Mobile team-up under the "Everything Everywhere" banner

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Orange and T-Mobile have announced that they are to team up, in a joint venture that will see both companies working together under the umbrella of the new “Everything Everywhere” banner.

Combining their network infrastructures, the two companies will now represent the UK’s largest communications network, serving over 30 million customers and running 700 stores.

Both companies will continue to trade under their own names, each retaining their own brand identity, deals and unique services. However, behind the scenes they will now be working together, reducing the amount of stations and sites needed and passing the savings on to the consumer.

The venture will begin from July 1st.

So what does this mean for the average t-Mobile and Orange customer. Aside from the obvious environmental bonuses resource sharing brings, best of all will be the increased coverage range the partnered networks can now offer, as well as the knock-on savings teaming up will bring.

However, with a partnership like this, you have to wonder how competitive the two companies pricing plans will be in relation to one another, so it could be potentially disappointing in that respect.

Gerald Lynch
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