Vodafone interested in buying T-Mobile

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Last month we told you that T-Mobile may well be on the verge of a sell out or merger since a spokesman from their parent company, Deutsche Telekom, expressed disappointment at their results in the UK market.

The FT is reporting this morning that it could be Vodafone who is in pole-position to mount a takeover.

If a buy-out was to go ahead it would make Vodafone the largest mobile phone operator in the UK. Currently O2 is the biggest, with a 27% share but if Vodafone’s 25% share was supplemented by T-Mobile’s 15% then they’d have a whopping 40% share.

This might be the proposed moves downfall though. Competition regulators may veto the takeover in the interests of market fairness.

Both Vodafone and T-Mobile have refused to comment so far although shares in both companies have risen in the market this morning.

(via The FT)

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