First Guardian iPad app is … a gallery?

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With Apple’s iPad being touted as the revolutionary device to save the flailing newspaper publishing industry, you have to wonder what the thinking behind the Guardian’s first iPad app is. Rather than offering interactive access to the Guardian’s sterling editorial content, it instead focusses on the paper’s Eyewitness special photo spreads.

“We’ve been waiting for a chance to replicate the scale and impact of the paper’s Eyewitness spread on the web, and I think this is it,” said the Guardian’s Roger Tooth, head of photography.

What you’ve basically got then in the Guardian Eyewitness App is a glorified photo gallery of the Guardian’s popular centre-page picture specials. You’ll get a new top-notch snap each day, with access to the previous 100 photos featured, as well as pro-photography tips on how to take similarly impressive pics yourself.

However, you’re going to have to stay close to an internet connection if you’re planning on browsing the album very often, as there is no offline access the Eyewitness app’s pictures.

Still, it’s hard to complain when the app is free to download and the imagery is this good. Can’t help but hope that the Guardian would push their fully-featured iPad app out a bit sooner though.

Check it out here.

Gerald Lynch
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