Good Easter for Apple as iPad shift 300,000 units tainted by mindless violence

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ipadtd.jpgUnless you’ve had your head in a drawer over the weekend, you’ll have heard that the iPad launched in the US shifting 300,000 units in the process.

After some carefully selected reviewers gave the Apple slate offering what, at best, could be described as warm reviews, things were in the balance coming up to Easter. The 300,000 units number was announced by Apple as a success. Though keen-eyed business types were quick to point out that a large chunk of that includes pre-ordered devices and units sold to licensed Apple resellers.

Mac’s loyal fan-boys were out in force again, as with the iPhone, 74% of first day buyers were already Mac users. And 66% of that 74% already own an iPhone. These ultimately anecdotal numbers suggest a minor paradox Apple is facing, between servicing those loyal to the brand whilst also attracting people away from “the one of whom we do not speak”.

Apple also announced that “iPad users downloaded over one million apps from Apple’s App Store and over 250,000 ebooks from its iBookstore during the first day.”

Not resting on their laurels, news broke today of the announcement of their newest update of the iPhone OS software. The eponymously titled “4” will be launched in a mere three days time, and speculation is already rampant as to what we can expect. Here’s are our not-so-educated guesses as to features that may or may not be included.

Feature: Blogosphere he say / The man from Tech Digest he say
Multitasking: Some expansion / No chance
Multitouch OS wide: Yes / Yes
Shortcuts: Yes / No
Syncing options: Yes / Yes
“More like full-: Yes / No
fledged computers”

Apple’s weekend can only have been tainted by outbreaks of mindless violence targeting their lovely shiny new toy.

Congratulations kids, you’re the biggest cretins we know.

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