Fallout New Vegas teaser trailer revealed

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Controversial statement incoming; I think Fallout 3 is the best game of all time ever. That’s coming from someone who, until Fallout 3’s release, was adamant that his top spot would never have anything but Mario Kart on the SNES on it. So obviously this teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas has me very excited.

We already knew that our post-apocalyptic adventures across the wasteland would take us to the city of sin itself, Las Vegas, with this new title, but what else does the trailer reveal?

Well not much, really. New Vegas (if that’s the settlement shown in the trailer), looks pretty well lit for a post nuclear shanty-town, and there is a bloke in armour with a Californian flag (a nod to the settings of the original PC games, no doubt) watching a Wall-E style robot do a bit of sand shovelling.

It does however confirm that the game will be hitting stores by Fall of 2010 though, so you’d better start saving up those bottle caps.

Gerald Lynch
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