For the technophile narcissist; the Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror

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Pocket mirrors are so last decade. If you want to look pixel-perfect these days, you need to get yourself in front of an augmented reality cosmetic mirror.

It’s the latest craze to hit Tokyo malls; you sit yourself down in front of the Shiseido-built mirror, and by judging you skin tone, it makes recommendations on what make-up you should wear, overlaying virtual previews onto your face.

Judging from the video there’s still a bit of work needed here though. Not on the model, you cheeky so and so, but rather on the tech itself. Rather than properly showing what she would look like with the recommended make up, it instead makes it look like her eyes have been gouged-out, King Lear-style.

Bet you weren’t expect a Shakespearean reference when you hit this link, huh?

Via: CScout Japan

Gerald Lynch
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