Symbian goes open-source

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The Symbian platfrom has gone open-source, months ahead of schedule, meaning that the whole world now has access to its coding to do with it as they see fit. The move aims to proivde the Symbian platform with greater potential for innovation, faster time windows from development to market and the opportunity for coders to develop on the platform for free.

The Symbian platform has been knocking around in some shape or form for over a decade now, and has shipped in more than 330 million devices.

Lee Williams, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, comments: “The development community is now empowered to shape the future of the mobile industry, and rapid innovation on a global scale will be the result. When the Symbian Foundation was created, we set the target of completing the open source release of the platform by mid-2010 and it’s because of the extraordinary commitment and dedication from our staff and our member companies that we’ve reached it well ahead of schedule.”

All 108 packages containing the source code of the Symbian platform can now be downloaded from Symbian’s developer web site (, as well as the complete development kits for creating applications (the Symbian Developer Kit) and mobile devices (the Product Development Kit).

Gerald Lynch
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