Text message query service AQA 63336 to become just 63336

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63336logo.gifAQA 63336 were at the whole text-messaging-question-and-answer business long before 118-118 had facial fluff, let alone full grown moustaches.

In an aim to simplify the service and more easily promote the associated short code, the company are to drop the Any Question Answered-AQA acronym to become just 63336.

“When we launched the world’s first text question and answer service in 2004, we focused on our abilities to answer any question. Over time it became clear that the most important communication we could provide to our customers has been how to use the service, which is to text 63336. Coordinating everything to be 63336 will help customers remember what they need to do to ask a question,” said Colly Myers, CEO.

Text any question to 63336 (98p) and you’ll get an answer in minutes. Customers in Ireland can text 57275 (€1.50). It’s a perfect tool for those devious pub-quiz toilet breaks.

For more information visit 63336.com.

Gerald Lynch
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