PADDED LAMPPOST UPDATE: It was just a shameless PR stunt cooked up by the "hilarious" 118 118 crew

We knew it. We just KNEW IT. Something seemed wrong. Something about this update regarding padded lampposts for the protection of distracted texters seemed too strange. It seemed a little bit too much like the sort of thing the ad agency employed by 118 118 would come up with.

And it was. Bollocks. There’s nothing more sickening than the realisation that you’ve just fallen for a bloody bit of PR. Worst feeling in the world. I haven’t been this upset since Flopsy got run over in 1983.


The 118 118-branded post pads were…

Padded lampposts coming to London, for the protection of stupid text messagers


This had better be an early April Fools joke or edgy and underground viral marketing campaign, or society’s in a much worse state than we previously thought.

The East End’s fashionably run down student heartland of Brick Lane is apparently about to get padded lampposts, in order to protect “inattentive” (STUPID) pedestrians from breaking their (STUPID) faces when bumping into them while texting their “M8s.”