AQA's sex survey reveals just how legless its users really are

I must admit I can’t think of a single reason why you would use a texting service like AQA 63336 – unless that is you are really, really shit-faced and fancy a giggle at the answer they come up with (though I think there are cheaper ways of having fun personally).

So to find out that people are texting in asking if eating a polo mint prevents you from getting pregnant or if eating a banana helps you maintain an erection doesn’t really surprise me. Apparently, according to the press release, AQA 63336 (no, I have no idea what the numbers stand for either, though I’m sure it’s significant), ‘researchers’ have found that half of the sex-related queries it receives come between 9pm and 2am. No shit, Sherlock. Honestly I would be worried for the state of the nation if they were during the 9am and 2pm unless the survey was carried out among students, that is.

Even more revelationary is that the with the most popular time to ask
questions about sex is 12.37am. And that 60% of these sex texts to AQA
63336 come from men – wow you don’t say. So you see, as I said pissed blokes.