Spotify-ready HTC Hero from 3 now on sale

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3uk-htc-hero-spotify.jpgThe long-promised Spotify-ready HTC Hero from 3 UK is now available in shops and online.

After an initial £100 outlay on the handset, £35 a month over 24 months will bag you an unlimited Spotify Premium account for 2 years, 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited 3-to-3 calls, free Skype-to-Skype calls and unlimited email and internet browsing.

While it remains the best Spotify deal around, the upfront fee may seem a bit steep in an age when people have come to expect a free handset with their contracts. Still, 24 months of Spotify Premium costs £240 on its own, so music-lovers desperate for Spotify on their handsets have a tempting offer here.

If you are interested in 3’s Spotify deal, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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