3 gets new mobile TV on demand content thanks to Mobix Interactive deal


UK mobile provider 3 has announced that it will be able to offer a variety of new “on demand” mobile TV programmes including South Park, The Hills and Pimp My Ride UK.

Subscribers who want access to the new content, which bolts on to the existing “3 on Demand” service, can pay between £1.29 and £1.99 for a week’s access to an episode. Features include the ability to pause and resume shows…

3 and O2 launch EyeVibe mobile user generated video site

eyevibe_logo.jpg3 and O2 have announced that they’ve joined forces, bringing their two mobile video services (SeeMeTV and LookAtMe!) together to create what they claim is the UK’s largest open access mobile video community — EyeVibe.

Users are being encouraged to submit quality videos by enticing them with a cut of the download fee (10p per video) each time their content is accessed. Mobile users on flat rate data plans only have to pay for the clip, not any data charges, while other users will have to fork out additional data charges.