Turns out kids don't want Spotify – they want to own MP3s


girlslisteningtomusic_iStoc.jpgBlimey, things are getting very confusing. In spite of the huge hoopla surrounding Spotify there’s some new research that concludes that kids don’t actually want to stream music, they want to own stuff.

The research undertaken by the University Of Hertfordshire for UK Music was compiled after asking nearly 2000 14-24 year olds how they wanted their music, and a staggering 78% said they didn’t want to pay to stream it.

They don’t mind paying – the survey says that illegal downloads are declining among the young – but what they want is an all you can eat MP3 download service.

This of course has been partially tried before by our old pal Napster which currently charges £14.95 for its Napster to go service which lets users download and keep whatever they want. What the kids probably don’t want is the way in which Napster works with a limited number of portable MP3 players and the way you lose your music if you cancel your subscription.

The research then seems to making a case for unlimited MP3 service which Virgin Media has been muttering about.

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  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. Thanks.

  • Agree with the comments above, seems this is a poorly misinformed article. Of course kids would rather own music than stream it, but where can you buy over 3.5 million mp3s for FREE?

    And how many 14 year olds can afford £15 a month? I am a professional in the IT industry under 24 years of age (so I fit in the sample group) and £15 a month is nothing for me, yet I much prefer Spotify than anything I have to pay for, as do most of my peers.

  • “and a staggering 78% said they didn’t want to pay to stream it.” Well you don’t have to pay to use Spotify so that’s completely erroneous. And given kids’ limited income what they want is quite remote from what they are able to afford or willing to pay for given the opportunity cost.

  • This post is wrong i am 12 and i love spotify and over 700 people in my school use spotify.

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