Mini Freeview TV/recorder from August


aug-front.jpgNot sure if this is a work of genius or a waste of space, anyhow you are looking at the DA900C from manufacturer August which apparently breaks new ground for a mini TV.

It has the usual selection of facilities – nine inch screen, Freeview and analogue TV tuners, video, audio and photo file playback etc – but comes with one unique feature. It is the first of its kind that can record Freeview TV via a USB port on to a USB memory stick or external hard drive. It is a good idea and is sure to come in handy at some point, but part of me thinks why not lob in a hard drive and maybe an operating system and then you have the same concept. but something even more useful.

Nevertheless, if it works for you then the DA900C not only looks very smart but also retails for a very steady £139.85.

More info from the maker here.

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