Is Apple Trying To Sneakily Introduce A Spotify rival?

This morning I reported that Apple has been informing music labels of changes to the iTunes store that will triple the length of music previews. This change will now allow users to listen to the first 90 seconds of…

First ever Spotify TV ad airs

A brand new television advertising campaign for the program launches in Sweden today, suggesting that even massive viral success stories like Spotify need traditional advertising methods to reach the masses.

Apple may offer unlimited iTunes access for more expensive iPods


According to recent reports, Apple may be considering unlimited access to their massive iTunes music collection for anyone who pays a premium price for an iPod or iPhone.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that Apple already charges a premium price for their kit, but the idea is that an extra one-off fee when purchasing an Apple-branded media player or phone would then give unlimited access to streaming music from their online store…