Virgin and Universal to team up again – this time for movies

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Untitddddddddled.jpgVirgin and Universal sitting in a tree,
First comes music,
then comes movies,
then comes….actually I can’t think of anything to rhyme with movies but you get the point.

After the announcement earlier this month that Virgin and Universal are to join forces to offer a DRM-free music download service it seems you can’t keep the two media giants apart.

Virgin has today announced that they are to offer Universal’s Picturebox service to their 3.6million TV subscribers.

The service, which is already available to BT Vision and TopUp TV customers, will cost a fiver a month and will give subscribers access to around 28 films a month – with seven new ones being put up every Friday. The majority of these should be available in HD too.

Virgin seems to be aggressively targeting the on-demand generation with their latest announcements. They have realised that, amongst other things, the internet and new technology have brought with them a culture whereby users want their content instantly and they want it when it fits their schedule. Well done Virgin I say, well done indeed.

If Virgin’s Picturebox service is enough to tempt you in to a subscription then sign up here.

Paul Lamkin
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One thought on “Virgin and Universal to team up again – this time for movies

  • Well its good news but i think Virgin have many customers and they do not want anymore. I went to a internet cafe just to surf. I open the home page and there was this site
    There was an ad of virgin for free tv with telephone. I signed up and then next day i received an email that because there is some one already using Virgin service so we cannot offer you one. Isnt this bullshit. Mr Branson if you are reading this then sort this problem out so that we can have virgin service

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