Top 10 Tuesday: Ways to spend Valentine's Day with your partner in World of Warcraft

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wow-valentines.jpgIf you don’t play World of Warcraft, or a similar MMORPG, then you might not want to read this. You’re going to think it’s immensely ‘sad’. But there’s actually a lot of fun to be had playing World of Warcraft with a significant other, especially if circumstances mean that you’re unable to be in the same place on the special day.

Of course, World of Warcraft holds its own “Love is in the Air” event, but we’re not just going to limit ourselves to that, oh no. There’s a whole world to see, so we’ll pick out some of the nicest spots.

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10) Dress for the occasion
lovely-black-dress.jpgWorld of Warcraft has plenty of non-combat clothes, mainly used by roleplayers. But you don’t have to be a roleplayer to enjoy the special day, so go grab, or craft, a Lovely Black Dress, with some Black Mageweave Leggings. Have a White Wedding Dress in reserve, too, just in case your chap decides to surprise you.

For the men, there’s the Tuxedo Jacket, Pants and Shirt, or even a Kilt, if you originate north of the border.

Lastly, if your date’s more of an orc than a blood elf, you could always do with a pair of Blix’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles.

World-of-Warcraft-Love-is-In-the-Air.jpg9) Complete the Love Is In The Air achievements

As part of the Love Is In The Air event, there’s a whole pile of achievements to gain, culminating in the Fool For Love uber-achievement. I wouldn’t wait too long to get started, though, because you’ve only got a few days to get everything done. There’s a full guide on WoWWiki.

8) Set off a fireworks display
warcraft-fireworks.jpgI know, I know. The Lunar Festival has now been and gone, but that means that you’ve got to get rid of the millions of fireworks taking up your bank slots somehow. Why not put on a fireworks display for a special someone in a remote part of the Park in Stormwind? Or behind the tent on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff? Just grab a cluster launcher, and away you go.

warcraft-romantic-picnic.jpg7) Enjoy a romantic picnic

If you prefer something a little more subtle than fireworks, then you might choose to plump for a romantic picnic instead. Picnic baskets can be traded between characters, so if you don’t want to go through the token-buying shenanigans, then just buy one off a singleton instead.

6) Go for a ‘grinding’ session

No, you dirty so-and-so, not that kind of grinding. Everyone’s gotta level at some point, so if you and your partner haven’t hit 80 yet, then the 14th Feb is a great day to do so. Load up on XP-boosting buffs, pack your DPS gear, and grind away.

It’ll be even better if you’ve picked characters that complement each other, or if you’ve got the triple-XP recruit-a-friend bonus. Either way, there’s no reason why you can’t pick up a couple of levels on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to spend time together.

5) Enter the Valentine’s Day contest

Every year, WoW Europe runs a Valentine’s card contest, to see who can come up with the best WoW-related Valentine’s card. If you’re the creative type, then put one together, send it to your partner, and if they approve to, send it off to Blizzard.

For some inspiration, here’s last years’ entries. I particularly like the Arthas and Draeni ones. How about you?

4) Buy, or craft, your partner an expensive gift

Maybe you’ve got a surfeit of gold lying around, or perhaps you’re just generous. Either way, why not surprise your partner with an incredibly rare, and hideously expensive flying mount or critter pet.

Alternatively, if you prefer the home-made approach, and you’re a jewelcrafter, then you can hand over a rose, or even your heart.

Lastly, there’s always the option of an expensive ring, though I’d recommend the Cubic Zirconia over the Mood Ring.

orgrimmar-inn.jpg3) Hit a tavern in Orgrimmar together

There’s no better way of celebrating the love between two people than getting wasted together. Stock up on Suntouched Special Reserve, Pinot Noir, or – if your date is more of a beer person – some Thunder Ale.

Canoodling in the corner of the busy Orgrimmar Inn is the perfect way to show off your love for each other to the world. However, if public displays of affection are your thing, then I’d suggest frolicking in Stormwind fountain instead. Talking of Stormwind…

2) Get married at Stormwind Cathedral
wedding-stormwind-cathedral.jpgThis is obviously a little too far for most relationships, but some people can’t get enough of in-game marriage. Don’t forget the aforementioned Tuxedo and Wedding Dress, and definitely don’t forget The Rock.

If getting married yourself isn’t your thing, but you’re curious about the idea, you can always hang out in the Cathedral anyway, because there’s every chance that you’ll get to witness one over the course of the day. For a great eyewitness account of a WoW marriage, click here.

1) Find a quiet spot, and just enjoy the sunrise
terrokar-sunrise.jpgBut the nicest thing of all to do is just to enjoy, with company, some of the quieter corners of the world. Although most of Azeroth is looking a little dated these days, parts of Eversong Woods are very pretty, as is Mulgore and the Hillsbrad Foothills.

If you prefer more wild places, then Stranglethorn Vale should be on your list, as should Feralas and Ashenvale. Outland has plenty of beautiful places, despite the Hellfire Peninsula’s barren start. Nagrand and Terrokar Forest are both beautiful.

The real beauty of World of Warcraft, however, is the new continent Northrend. Despite its icy nature, it’s actually quite beautiful. Take a loved one to a nice spot, sit down, and just enjoy each others’ company.

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