3-image lens for mobile phones – makes your camera look drunk

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3-lens-converter.jpgThere’s something about the 3-image lens that looks a little uncomfortably like a sex toy. The idea is that you strap it onto your cameraphone and get the neat and very clear looking little effect of seeing life in triplicate.

Now, it looks to me as if it only applies the effect part of the filter to the centre of the shot, else we’d be seeing three white tables as well, and that, for me, turns this little device from something as novelty as a kaleidoscope effect into a bit more of a photographic tool, albeit still a slightly gimmicky one.

This is the kind of thing you end up with. If you want to see it action, then take a look at the vid on the product page, where incidentally you can pick it up for $17.98 including postage. Doesn’t really make it much clearer though


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Daniel Sung
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