SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: the i2i Stream

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I was quite enamoured by the idea of the i2i Stream when I had a quick look at it at CES but then what’s a concept until you’ve actually tried the bugger? So, it fell to the wonderful Susi from Shiny Shiny to take them for a spin and work out whether wireless music streaming is actually something that we need.

Apparently, not says Susi but I’m still quite intrigued, myself. The use I’m thinking of is for plugging into my TV and my headphones so that I can play games and watch stuff at whatever volume I like while Jen sleeps soundly next door.

I’m not sure that alone is worth £68.51 but I’d certainly be open to the i2i as a present.


Daniel Sung
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One thought on “SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: the i2i Stream

  • I bought these so I could listen to music or TV sound when my wife prefers to read and not be disturbed. Perfect for maintaining domestic harmony and excellent sound quality.


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