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guardian-iphone.jpgI read newspapers on the bus in the morning. Not on paper – that’s expensive, wasteful and a bit of a hassle – but on my humble Nokia N95. I start with mobile Techmeme, then hit up Google News for the big stories, then over to the New York Times, because their mobile site is one of the best there is.

If I was forced to pick up a paper copy of the newspaper, it’d probably be the Guardian. Their website’s second only to the BBC for me, when it comes to online, too. That’s why it’d be nice to get the paper’s editorial perspective on my phone. And now I can!

Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, actually. I could if I was on Three. Guardian News & Media has launched an initial version of its mobile site on the Planet 3 portal. Following a period of exclusivity with 3, and then another period of exclusivity with Vodafone, the general public will finally get access later this year.

It won’t be a moment too soon. Although phones are starting to get better at displaying the full internet, it doesn’t take much to slim down your page load times and shrink the photos, and many people won’t have full-internet capable phones for a few years.

What’s your experiences with mainstream media on mobile devices? Share them in the comments.

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One thought on “Guardian finally launches mobile website

  • I surf the net just fine on my N82 using the Opera Mini browser; which loads the requested pages on their central servers, squishes them down to a bandwidth friendly size – compressing content as you designate, and then beams it into my handset efficiently and effectively.

    I also use the built-right-in Opera Link service to sync Opera Mini on my mobile with my notebook installation, so search engines, bookmarks, typed history and the speed dial are shared between the platforms. I can even bookmark into a special folder on my desktop for those sites to be readily accessible from the mobile devices Home screen next time I’m out. It’s as seamless as it is sexy.

    With regard to content, I use Netvibes as my Swiss army RSS reader at home and when out and about can get all of my favourite content from business news, regional and global news, tech, software and design news delivered straight to my eyeballs through their no-nonsense, lo-fi, ‘’ mobile portal.

    It works a treat, and the combination of the lean browser and even leaner RSS web app. enables me to keep well within my 200mb ‘fair use’ allowance through O2, and on top of just about every avenue of interest I’m passionate about… on the cheap.

    Hoo’s & Ray’s!

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