Get your own robot mini-me from Little Island

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little-island.jpgHere’s one to file under aaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, that lady in the picture is holding a miniature robotic version of herself.

I’m not sure who the customers are and why it’s a good idea but Japanese company Little Island offers the service and will make these things as detailed as you like. Naturally, the more you ask for, the more it costs but they do all come with the ability to talk and a fair range of movements.

They run on an AMD CPU with 512MB of RAM. It works with XP and and comes with an Ethernet connection and an impressive 80GB SSD, which makes these things actually quite impressive, simply as computers.

Apparently couples have chosen to have one made of the bride at their weddings to meet and greet the guests. So far Bob Carolgees has not contacted them. Spit remains nervous.

Little Island (via Dvice)

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