Computertan, the web-based home tanning system powered by LCD rays

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computertan-skin-cancer-awareness.jpgOh dear. Today is a sad day. We have been amused and entertained by a marketing campaign 🙁

The marketing campaign in question is that of ComputerTan, a supposed online tanning system that uses the deadly rays output by your PC monitor to bring a healthy orange glow to your face while you work.

It is, of course, a joke – perpetrated by UK skin cancer charity Skcin and designed to raise awareness of how bad it is to pursue the bronze-god look. The Times says some 30,000 people visited ComputerTan in its first 24 hours online, although whether it was 30,000 innocent, orange-faced receptionists hoping for a free top-up or 30,000 cynical tech-bloggers looking for a story about the gullibility of the common man, isn’t made clear.

Don’t delve into the site too deeply. It’s not all as glossy and amusing as the intro video. It soon gets serious about things.

(Via The Times)

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